A Lip Reader Deciphers The Rest Of 2013's Manager-Umpire Fights

Lip-reader Evan Brunell is here to once again decipher a collection of manager-umpire fights. Previously, Brunell deciphered all of the arguments from the 2012 season and the first half of the 2013 season. Here now are the fights from the second half of the 2013 season. » 3/24/14 11:27am 3/24/14 11:27am

Woops, I just saw this! You nailed it — congrats! I actually looked at it with fresh eyes about a half-hour ago and came up with what you did (well, we differ on what he said after "seven" but the idea is the same). Also, I originally had "fucking two innings" as well. » 10/08/13 4:16pm 10/08/13 4:16pm